Because emergencies usually happen quickly, it’s the time prior to knowing that any kind of emergency is coming when you need to spend the most time preparing. Depending on where you live and what threats are close to you in proximity or climate, the exact emergencies you should be preparing for will vary. Visit this site to learn more about survival guides.

To help yourself and your family not to get caught without something that you desperately need in the event of any emergency that comes your way, here are three categories of emergency supplies to always keep on-hand. 

Medical And Hygiene Supplies

One of the scariest parts of an emergency taking place is that you likely won’t easily have access to emergency services like medical care if a major injury was to take place. Because of this, it’s vital that you always have medical and hygiene supplies at your home so that you can handle any emergency like this that might result from a bigger emergency taking place.

According to, some of the supplies you should be sure you have are your personal medication prescriptions, a variety of over-the-counter medications that could help with basic medical emergencies or injuries, and a basic first aid kit that you can use if someone in your home gets hurt and needs be to triaged before getting actual medical help. 

Sources Of Energy

So many of the things that people use on a minute-to-minute basis require energy to run. While a lot of these things can run off of battery power, once the batteries have died, you’ll need to come up with a solution to get that item up and running again.

To help with these kinds of issues, it’s wise to have multiple sources of energy that you can tap into in order to keep vital items running in the event of an emergency. When you have major parts of your home that you need to keep running, like your refrigerator or a small heater, having a portable generator can be invaluable. For smaller items, Francesca Rea, a contributor to, advises that you keep batteries of all sizes in stock in your home but that you’re sure to get ones with the longest shelf life or replace them on a regular basis. 

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Basic Home Repair Tools

The idea with staying home during an emergency is that you’ll be safer in your home than in any other location. But if your home is somehow damaged during the emergency situation, you’ll need to have a way to fix it without heading to the store.

With this in mind, the American Red Cross shares that you should keep basic home repair tools ready and available to be used. These tools should consist of work gloves, plastic sheeting, sandbags, duct tape, and any other items that you think could come in handy if your home has been made vulnerable. 

If you want to always be prepared for an emergency at home, consider using the tips mentioned above to know what you should keep on-hand at all times.