What is 1password?

1Password, a password-management platform, is expanding into the “secrets management” space to assist developer teams in safeguarding private credentials. The platform aims to provide protection to enterprise-level organizations by offering an easy-to-use interface for storing passwords and securing the login process. With a single click, users can access their business accounts. 1Password has established itself over 16 years and has earned a reputation for its user-friendly interface.

In addition to the launch, 1Password has also announced its first-ever acquisition, SecretHub. A Dutch startup launched in 2018, SecretHub is committed to safeguarding nearly five million enterprise secrets every month. The entire SecretHub team, including CEO Marc Mackenbach, will join 1Password.

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1Password has recently launched a “secret automation” product to protect all credentials, including employee email passwords and central backend systems. The platform currently boasts around 80,000 customers, including big names such as IBM, Dropbox, Pager Duty, GitLab, and Slack. In 2019, the Toronto-based company secured $200 million in funding to expand its consumer base.

To assist joint customers, 1Password will collaborate with GitHub to “solve the problem” by providing three free credits. The cost will then increase to $29 per month for 25 credits, $99 for 100 credits, and $299 for 500 credits, with charges based on usage.

Companies with more than 500 credits can collaborate with 1Password to configure vaults and automate access to stipulate permission for development environments with tokens. Tokens are required for API clients to read and write access to stored data in the vault. If a token can access Vault A and Vault B, it will be counted as two credits.