Top Best Countries to Start a Business in 2022


The choice of a country for opening and successfully running a business or investing depends on many factors. First of all, a foreigner should pay attention to immigration laws and requirements for entrepreneurs from abroad, the taxation system, freedom of trade, the level of corruption and bureaucracy, the quality of infrastructure, political stability and security, the development of technology and innovation, the state of the labor market and the qualifications of the worker. Understanding each aspect on your own is very difficult. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the ratings of the best countries for business.


The UAE is a developed country that occupies a leading position in terms of ease of doing business and has a developed world-class infrastructure. The jurisdiction is characterized by its strategic location in a resource-rich region.

Trading in the Emirates is based on the absence of quotas and foreign exchange controls. There is no tax on personal, capital, or corporate income in the region, and 100% repatriation of profits is allowed. The government offers many start-up initiatives in the UAE and offers incentives to encourage diversity and equal entrepreneurship opportunities. Other benefits include:

– VAT in the UAE is only 5%, which is lower compared to many other countries;

– duty-free importation of goods, if they are not supplied to the local market;

– developed infrastructure and communications;

– residence visas.

Dubai is the largest business center in the Middle East and you will need the right transportation to get around the city. Car rental will help you to solve this problem. Today, car rentals have become incredibly affordable for anyone and, of course, it is much cheaper than buying a personal car and maintaining it, especially if you do not plan to permanently stay in the country. Car rental specialists will provide first-class service and offer you the best conditions for renting cars of any class.


Top Best Countries to Start a Business in 2022

The country is known for many large international companies that place their headquarters here. With strong trade and investment opportunities, the city is attracting global entrepreneurs and business leaders. This country has been named the most competitive Asian country to start a business more than once.

Singapore has long been considered one of the best places to do business in the world because:

– it is one of the richest countries in the world;

– it is a convenient geographic location for doing business in Asia,

– has a competitive market of highly qualified specialists;

– dividends and capital gains are not taxed here.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, one of the leading financial centers, is the third largest economy in Europe after Germany and France. The UK is home to the second largest workforce in Europe and is considered the largest European economy. You can start your own business in the UK in just a few days.

London was previously considered by many to be the financial capital of Europe, but after Britain voted to leave the European Union, banks and other financial companies moved their assets out of the country. Before setting up a business in the UK in 2021, there is one benefit of Brexit for potential investors. Prices in the upper segment of the London real estate market fell sharply. This has made the United Kingdom a cheaper place to invest.


Canada is a very good place to develop innovative business. There is a strong engineering expertise here, based on one of the best systems of higher education in the world and state support for the innovative sector of the economy.

In addition, companies registered in Canada enjoy the following benefits:

– a powerful brand of Canada as a center of high-quality and high-tech products;

– it is possible to use tax credits for scientific and design development of new products;

– proximity to the United States, government and developed infrastructure support create unique investment opportunities for companies registered in Canada;

– a huge market of highly professional labor resources, which, with the help of developed immigration legislation, makes it possible to attract specialists from any country in the world.

New Zealand

According to the World Bank, New Zealand is the most attractive country for doing business. In the Doing Business report, this colorful state ranks 1st. Business immigration to New Zealand can be carried out with the help of special programs for foreign entrepreneurs. The main requirements are related to a significant amount of investment and business experience. In New Zealand, corruption and administrative pressure from the authorities are kept to a minimum.

Top Best Countries to Start a Business in 2022