In order for companies to stay competitive and give them an edge, they need to be able to get things done faster, serve their customer needs in better and more intuitive ways, as well as have top-notch operating and systems functions that are capable of keeping up with the demand. The beauty of the cloud is that it allows you to do all of this.

So, what exactly is the cloud? The cloud is any service, software, or application that runs and lives on the internet instead of an actual, real-life server that is stored somewhere. When you move to the cloud, you’re saving not only money but also increasing the collaboration between your teams and making it easier for them to work together.

You have the power to access your files faster, make sense of data more easily, and have the benefit of increased security too. What more could you ask for? This is exactly why so many businesses have already made the change and moved to the cloud in 2021 and 2020, and now, even more, will make the move in 2022 as well. You have the ability to access your systems and platforms more easily, and access your files from literally anywhere and on any device. All of this, coupled with the chance to actually lower and streamline your IT costs on the whole make moving to the cloud a win-win solution for all involved.

With so many different steps and processes involved with moving to the cloud – having a partner to help you with the migration can be crucial! If you need help and are located in the United Kingdom for example, then there are many IT Services Companies London based businesses can truly depend on to help make the migration as smooth, and hassle-free as possible.

It doesn’t matter how small your company may be, being based in the cloud can have some serious benefits to the way your team works and how you access, store, and secure your data – if you need Small Business IT Support London Solutions, speak to an IT Partner in the UK near you to help show you how you can begin the migration process and keep you involved in each and every step of the way.

Here are 5 of our top reasons for you to make the move to the cloud in 2022:

  1. Better data insights and analytics – you’ll receive much-needed and qualified research and insights into your customer behaviours and business processes, as well as the best ways in which to improve them.
  2. More cost-saving and efficiency overall – you no longer need to pay for an onsite server or off-site data centre when everything is stored in the cloud.
  3. Improved security for your data – your data is safely encrypted and protected with frequently updated security software.
  4. Increased ability to scale up easily – you only pay for what you use, so if you want to scale up or down this can be done easily. To find out more visit Preemo.
  5. It’s more environmentally friendly – not only is it better for the environment not having an on-site server, but you also save money on things like storage, maintenance, and repairs.

In short, having cloud technology will allow you to completely reengineer your business from the inside out, and for the better! Your teams will be able to communicate much easier, they will have better collaboration between teams, and their access to data and files will become easier too. If you’ve been thinking of making the move – you most definitely should. You’ll never have to worry again about data being lost, someone not having access to a file or presentation, or your data being unsecure again.