Prince2 Foundation And Practitioner Course In 2021

The corporate world is becoming more project-oriented day by day. Every day you have to struggle with projects, plan them, manage them and execute them perfectly.

Although projects are a better way of performing big responsibilities and they make the work organized and streamlined but to ensure their success, they also have to be managed and organized.

Thus project management skills are very important for you if you want to make a career in the corporate field. So here we have Prince2 foundation and practitioner certification for you.

Course Overview

In the course, you will acquire project management skills. This course will make you able to start and direct projects and coordinate daily tasks.

With that, you can track project progress and define the quality of the projects. You will also be able to plan targets and handle change requests.

With these project management skills, you can also justify project continuity and keep track of all the roles and tasks involved in the project. These skills will help you to manage projects of various sizes, types, complexities, and scales.

This course will not only make your portfolio impressive but also enhance your skills in handling projects across several industries. With this certification course, you can find decent jobs in the leading sectors of finance, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and many other industries.

This course is ideal for future project managers, analysts, coordinators, leaders, product managers, and project sponsors. With that, you can also opt for team leaders, product delivery managers, senior responsible owners, business change analysts, and operational line managers.

Or if you want to make your career in project management, then also you can go with this certification. This course will not only make you able to manage projects but also serve your organization and teams with best practices and advanced project management tools.

Course Content

The classes are held online with interactive sessions. Your mentors are industry leaders and experts in their fields.

They use their experience and skills to guide you and enhance your skills. To make classes more interesting, group discussions are held timely.

And to make you fully prepared for the future job role, you will be given assignments, case studies, and mock tests. With that, you will also be given many practical tasks.

So with theory knowledge, you will also get practical skills by learning from your own experiments. And with the reviews on your assignments, you can improve your skills.

Talking about the course topics here, all the basic to advanced topics are covered. The course starts with a course introduction, and then an introduction to PRINCE2 is given.

You will also learn to tailor and adopt PRINCE2, its themes, the business case theme, organization theme, plans theme, risk theme, change theme, progress theme, and its processes.

With that, you will also learn various processes, including starting up a project, directing it, initiating it, controlling a stage in the project, managing the product delivery, and managing a stage boundary.

Also, you will learn how to complete and close the projects and prepare yourself for the examination. In the course, you will acquire business justification, benefits management, and quality planning skills.

With that, you will get more skills including, quality management, risk management, operational management, progress management, and quality review. After this course, you can start, direct, initiate projects, and control project stages.

Not only that, but you can also be able to manage product delivery, manage stage boundary, how to close a project, and tailor and embed PRINCE2 in your organization.


There are not any specific prerequisites needed for this course, but some basic level knowledge of this field and project management will be helpful to make the understanding better.