Main elements of a Pastel Goth


The era of Tumblr brought us many wonderful and aesthetically pleasing things. Setting aside memorable and ironically funny legacy we can heed on cute styles inspired by some of the main subgenres of fashion and aesthetics. Let`s talk about Pastel Goth.

Developed around the 2010s on, beloved by some, infamous internet platform, Pastel Goth essentially amalgamated the Goth style aesthetic and pastel colors. Due to the great influence of the Japanese pop culture, this style cultivated some of Harajuku, Lolita, and kawaii elements which allow us to discern the Pastel Goth from a Nu-Goth, for example. Making everything cute, even some grotesque and creepy elements of the Goth, this aesthetic definitely rethinks fundamental Goth vibes. Inverted crosses, a vast variety of dark symbols, or any disturbing imagery being aesthetically revalued and ironically interpreted in a new fashion style.

The main elements of a Pastel Goth outfit are pastel-colored hair or wigs, cute accessories, fishnet stockings, mini-skirts, and chokers. Gradients, dripping visuals (for instance, fonts or prints), bones and skulls, cute characters with blood on them, anything associated with Dark-oriented aesthetics yet complemented by cute imagery.
E-girl aesthetic fashion choices, due to their commitment to cuteness, are very fitting with this kind of style. You can find the article on this aesthetic in our blog. Remember to be creative with your outfits and wear what you feel most suitable for you.