How do you do ear piercings?

ear piercings

Don’t we all remember the days when a nasty woman was taken to a salon asking her to wait her turn to pierce our ears? The horror of pain that will come to our friends over the next few days has abandoned all our happiness and the time will come when we sit solemnly and they are all afraid as they mark and measure places. In less than a few seconds, you will hear a loud click. There was a hole peeping from the earlobe. The day will end well with ice cream for the road and chocolate for the home. Today in this article we will relive the moment with the ear piercing method.

Now that we know better, it’s easy to always be safe and wholesome while trying any body art format, and piercings are definitely the type of body art that requires clearing up your medical condition. Now the most important safety measure is to double-check your history to remember if swelling or pus had previously formed during other piercings. In general, it may be an unsuitable place for piercing, so choose another place for this.

People with diabetes or hepatitis or other skin conditions are advised to be a little more careful than others. While setting trends, medical outcomes can be fatal.

Spare Ear Piercing:

In general, these days we opt for a gun-an easier way to make piercings than the old methods of needles and gloves is Spare Ear Piercing. But here we will discuss both. Sterilize the equipment well before doing so to avoid infection or germs. It is necessary to wash your hair with an antiseptic. Now collect small pads and pour rubbing alcohol. Other medical disinfectants can also be done and rubbed into the cute lobe. This will remove all germs.

Spare Ear Piercing

Now we move on to the business of determining the right place with a pen. Normally we have both ears pierced and a marker will tell you where the two piercings on the lobe are perfectly aligned. When the marking is complete and you are satisfied, start working.

Ear Piercing Through the gun:

Before this, select and sanitize open-end stud earrings. Usually the gun has a place to hold the earring, so the ring will automatically slide inside while making the hole. Now put the gun at the marker point. You can always see that you’re doing it right with the help of your second hand. Then start in a controlled way by pulling the trigger quickly. Don’t be nervous enough to shake your hands.

Ear Piercing Traditional way:

This time the traditional method is not as preferred as saying that the pain is doubled, but the traditional method is one of the best ways to quickly heal a swollen piercing. First, put on gloves and sterilize the needles and studs well. Place the tip of the needle at the marker point and make sure it is sharp enough. For this you need professional hands. It must pass completely, so measure your speed and then quickly and hardly poke the marker point with a quick movement of your hand so that the needle passes through the other side.

Wrap-up Ear Piercing :

Once again, use rubbing alcohol to clean the piercing and make sure it doesn’t interfere much until it heals completely.