5 Gift Ideas For The 2022 Holiday Season


Every year, the expectation for holiday gifts is to think of new ideas. This task is easier said than done, especially if you’ve already spent many holidays with the same people. Checking items off your list becomes many lists wrapped into one gift. You’re not only checking off what you plan to purchase, but you’re checking off previously purchased items to ensure you don’t get someone on your list, something you’ve already gotten them years before! It is a lot to keep up with, but there are ways to bypass the process and make gift-giving easier. Read on for five gift ideas for the 2022 holiday season that you can count on.

1. Tech-savvy Insulated Tumblers For Coffee Lovers

You’ve likely already gotten someone a mug before, but this gift goes beyond your coffee cup. Indeed, tech-savvy insulated tumblers are constantly advancing to deliver the best bang for your buck and the longest warming time for your holiday drinks.

Whether you’re looking for a coffee tumbler for a daily commute or a memorable camping trip, shop for Christmas tumbler mugs for those in your life. Find the perfect tech-savvy insulated tumbler for the coffee lover on your list. It’s sure to be a hit!

2. Holiday Dinner Vouchers 

Food never gets old. Well, technically, it does, but not in the context of being an exciting holiday gift. Get those on your list gift baskets of goodies or, perhaps, holiday dinner vouchers at fancy local restaurants that they may have never been to before. Just be sure to get a dinner-for-two combination so your loved ones can have some company while they enjoy their meal. If this is one of your go-to gifts already, it can still be memorable if you look for new restaurants in your area. It’s a blast to try new restaurants in town, making this a perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Holiday Dinner Vouchers 

3. Indulgent Subscription Services 

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift delivered to their door each month? This year, get those on your list an indulgent subscription service they’ll love. Choose from goodie baskets to wine club memberships, depending on the person. There’s plenty to select based on your gift recipients’ personalities and interests. You can also find hygiene subscription services for those who enjoy bath products or self-care rituals.

4. Family Fun Classes

This year, treat those on your list to paid-for activities that encourage enrichment and learning. Sign them up for cheesemaking or general cooking classes to boost their creativity in the kitchen.

You can also find artisan skill-building classes such as metal product workshops and flower arranging classes. Consider your loved ones’ interests to find class options that are best suited to what they like to do. You’ll find something they’ll love and look forward to each class! 

5. A Spa Gift Card

The gift of relaxation is always cherished. Get those on your list a spa gift card so they can choose their own self-care packages. They’ll select from mani-pedi combinations to different massages. 

Look for gift cards at spas local to them, so it is also an easy commute. Maximize their relaxation time by including additional treatments like facials and hair conditioning treatments as part of the packages you purchase. Adding these bonus treatments can truly make their gift amazing. 

The Bottom Line

This holiday season, it’s out with the old and in with the new thanks to updated gift ideas thought up from the consistently adored themes you can always count on! The best gift ideas for the 2022 holiday season include the universal pleasures of food, learning, and relaxation. Consider the suggestions above as you plan your gifts for this year.