2022 DVC Points Chart: How Many Points do I Need?


Recent statistics published by the American Resort Development Association indicate that there are almost 10 million American families who own a timeshare.

Additionally, when you own a timeshare, you get access to over 1,500 timeshare resorts in the US alone via exchange organizations.

When one considers these figures, buying a timeshare is a tempting prospect and DVC is one of the best options. Are you considering a commitment to ongoing vacations by signing up with Disney Vacation Club?

Keep reading to find out more about the 2022 DVC points chart and how it can influence your decision.

How to Buy DVC Points

There are two main paths to Disney Vacation Club membership. The more expensive option is by buying DVC points directly from Disney. Alternatively, you can search for DVC points for sale from a licensed DVC reseller, which is a much cheaper route.

You do lose a few benefits when you choose the latter route, like access to cruises and adventures. Yet, most members find these don’t make up for the savings they enjoy via a reseller.

Whichever way you choose to navigate the DVC buying process, you’ll need to consult a DVC points chart before you get started.

What Is a Points Chart?

Every timeshare instance in Disney’s portfolio of resorts has a points value depending on the resort, accommodation configuration, and time of year.

The more popular the instance, the higher the points value attached to it. To vacation in any of these timeframes, you must own enough points to exchange for your accommodation.

DVC resets their members’ points allocation every year, and you can only use the full value of your points within that year unless you bank them in time.

The annual points chart highlights these points allocations for the year.

Why Is the 2022 DVC Points Chart Important for Buyers?

It makes sense to consider your vacation preferences before you buy a DVC membership since you must purchase enough points to meet your needs every year.

Some things to think about include:

  • The resorts you would like to visit
  • Whether you prefer a weekend, midweek, or week-long vacation
  • Your favorite travel season or dates
  • The room size you prefer

Make sure you pick at least three resort options and time frames and write them down before you look at the points charts. Point values vary wildly from resort to resort.

Then go through these charts and find the exact dates you want to vacation. You’ll find the dates listed on the left-hand side and the accommodation options running across the top.

Add up the points you’ll need to suit your vacation preferences. Then do the same for your second and third choice resorts. You could also take things a step further and check what else you could book with the points required for these vacations.

There’s no sense in buying the lowest number of points and restricting yourself to one vacation option for years to come.

Planning Your Future Vacations

The 2022 DVC points chart is only one of the things you need to consider when buying DVC points. You’ll also need to choose a Home Resort and a Use Year before you can sign up.

These factors affect how much you’ll pay for annual maintenance fees and impact your future bookings. Make sure you understand all these terms before you decide.

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